Serenwikity 1.0 for iPhone Price: FREE

Serenwikity is an app with two purposes: help you fight boredom and let you discover new things!

The name Serenwikity is a play on the word Serendipity, which exists in no other language than English and means "accidental discovery."

Upon startup, it will automatically fetch 10 random Wikipedia pages. Just tap one and learn something new, then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! You'll have a full browser, so feel free to wander out of Wikipedia if that's where your research leads you. Serenwikity is all about discovery.

You can get a fresh batch of items simply by pulling the list down, and you can choose which Wikipedia to use by changing the appropriate setting. The first time it's run, Serenwikity automatically chooses the same Wikipedia as the system language.

Screenshots — iPhone / iPod Touch